Agents find out more about Assist 2 Sell

Assist 2 Sell has a rare opening for one professional full time career Agent.

If you would like to have:

  • Unlimited lead opportunities that allow you to be face to face with someone interested in buying or selling real estate;
  • If you would like to be trained and provided with the latest technologies to promote yourself and your business at no cost to you;
  • If you would like a Team enviornment where everyone helps the other and supports the other to reach their fullest potential as an Agent;
  • If you would like full Admin support, an office and all supplies at no cost and no montly fee;
  • If you are feeling lost in a giant brokerage and would like some individual nurturing;
  • If you would like the constant support of a non competing Broker, and be able to rely on the advice and mentoring of an Agent who has been licensed for over 30 years and sold over 4000 homes then, you should consider getting together to have a chat.



Working at an Assist 2 Sell office is considerably different from working in a traditional office. We think you will find the difference refreshing and rewarding.


Traditional real estate brokers typically look to their agents to generate listings and sales. The broker recruits experienced agents from competitors and new agents from the general public or real estate schools. The experienced agents are appealing because they will hopefully bring with them a network of referral and repeat business. The fact that they are already trained is also a plus. The new agents, while requiring training and nurturing, are appealing to the traditional broker as they open the door to their “sphere of influence.” This means their contact with friends, relatives, and acquaintances could bring more business. They hopefully also bring enthusiasm and a willingness to prospect for sellers and buyers.

In summary, the traditional brokers rely heavily on their agents to drive the business in the door.

The Assist 2 Sell concept is just the opposite. We believe that our concept needs to be strong enough to attract the business. We do not rely on agents to do the marketing of our concept. The broker/owner handles that aspect. While our competitive marketing programs attract business, we still need to get the message out to the consumers. We depend on our agents to provide the professional skills necessary to service the business we generate. Assist 2 Sell agents focus their efforts and energy on helping the buyers and sellers.

By offering home sellers superior marketing along with significant commission savings, they are attracted to Assist 2 Sell. At Assist 2 Sell, agents have plenty of opportunities to get face-to-face with sellers and buyers. Instead of spending most of their time looking for business, they spend most of it helping sellers and buyers.

We find also that when we charge sellers less – they appreciate it. The relationship changes from adversarial to appreciative. Wouldn’t it be nice not having to justify high fees?


Volume. Yes our agents may make less per closing than traditional agents; however, our agents typically have more closings than the average traditional agents. The end result – Assist 2 Sell agents make more money!


While most Assist 2 Sell agents make above average incomes, money is not the only motivator. Quality of life is an important issue. When you work in an environment where you have more than enough business, the relationship between fellow agents in your office becomes less competitive and more collaborative. A true TEAM environment evolves. Everyone works together to deliver the best service for the Sellers and Buyers. We call it a “sense of community.” Working Together Everyone Achieves More – TEAM. Not many traditional offices can make this claim. In which environment would you rather work?


Assist 2 Sell agents are very busy. The best part is they are busy working with buyers and sellers, not searching for them. Typically an Assist 2 Sell office will generate many more times the leads as traditional offices. By relying on the concept and not the agents to generate business, Assist 2 Sell offices do not strive to fill lots of desks with agents. The average Assist 2 Sell agents will handle ten times the business as the average traditional agent. This means nine fewer agents requiring desk space and wasting time. You will be surrounded by top Producers, and the best part is you will become a top Producer as well!


There is too much at stake for the consumer to turn the sale of their home over to part time agents. The good news is that at Assist 2 Sell, you will be successful enough to make real estate your full-time career. Your skills will improve faster with the experience and guidance you will enjoy at Assist 2 Sell.


Some real estate agents are content with closing a few sales per year, making enough money, and not working too hard. These agents would not be happy and do not belong at Assist 2 Sell. The traditional world fits them best. The Assist 2 Sell environment is a fast-paced, demanding, challenging world. Where do you see yourself fitting in?

Assist 2 Sell charges NO MONTHLY FEES. Each agent is provided with:

– Private office with own computer
– Full administrative support
– All Leads supplied
– All Selling and Marketing Material Supplied
– Training materials Supplied
– Experienced full time team support
– Full time brokerage support and guidance
– Complete Brokerage Office with reception, closing rooms, and customer care facilities, Internet and Telephone etc.

Our office provides its agents with complete brokerage training and administrative support and our team works together in a supportive learning environment which caters to the development of the professional skills needed to reach individual personal goals. Our unique marketing program provides its agents with unlimited leads and extensive sales experience.

If you are interested in having the support and encouragement of a great team behind you, and think that this type of environment would be suited to you then we would like to hear from you.

Don’t permit yourself to make incorrect assumptions about what it must be like working at Assist 2 Sell. Be smart. Check us out. Call Michael or Lisa at 446-3113 or fill out the form below for a confidential interview.


Why did I come to Assist 2 Sell?

After struggling through my first year in Real Estate and discovering that I had so much to learn – I knew I needed to do something different. I had a friend working at Assist 2 Sell who was always so busy and spoke of doing hundreds of transactions since being with a high volume discount Broker. That’s what I wanted – to be busy and get loads of experience quickly so I could hone my new found career.

I was nervous about making the change but that was quickly appeased with a few conversations with Michael Doyle, Owner & Manager and the staff at the office. Everyone was so friendly and ready to offer advice. I quickly learned this was the right decision.

I started on April 1, 2010 and my first transaction was April 7th, 2010. And then they just kept coming. Since beginning, I have  had over 358 transactions. This could take 10-15 years to achieve in a Traditional real estate environment! I know I made the best decision of my career. The money is fantastic and often – sometimes the little cheques just pile up on my desk and I don’t have time to cash them.