Benefits of our Business Model



Marketing Plan – Total Commission is a flat fee as low as $2995  (fee varies for homes over $200,000). Our marketing is directed to Active Buyers.

No up-front fee. No hidden fees.


Traditional Brokerage

– Marketing is Agent Driven
– Seller is dependent on individual agents skills and marketing
– Agent is responsible for all tasks (listing, marketing, selling, servicing
– Allows for part – time agents
– New agents
– If Designated agent brokerage, Seller is only represented by the individual agents and not the entire brokerage
– New agents turned loose on public
– Agents in competition with other agents in same office.

Assist 2 Sell Brokerage

– Marketing is Broker Driven
– Broker arranges and pays for all marketing
– Agents specialize, Listing Agents, Selling Agents, Customer Service
– Only full time agents
– Only experienced agents on team
– Broker mentoring and supervision
– Common law agency – Entire team represents Seller’s best interests
– New agents do an apprenticeship as licensed assistants before being allowed to move up to becoming a listing or selling agent.
– Agents work as team. Some “friendly” competition but not cut-throat as this is an environment of plenty, not scarcity.

You will notice this model is very similar to the model many successful top producing “teams’ at traditional brokerages adopt. The primary agent heads up the team. They have “Buyer’s Specialists” and “Listing Specialists and Closing Coordinators.” The primary agent directs her team. We have been operating under this “team” concept since 2001; we just do it as an entire company.

Our office owner/manager acts as the team leader. He directs the marketing, handles all listing inquiries, books the listing appointments, and manages the agents, assistants and support staff. He is licensed and is paid on a “per-closing” basis.

A2S Listing agents along with their support team handle a large volume of listings. Listing agents do not work with buyers.

Buyer Agents only work buyers, no listings unless their buyers may have a property to sell or if a friend asks for them.

We also have a full-time support staff team who assists the manager with marketing as well as offering help to the agents. Their tasks include answering phones, setting showing appointments, producing property feature sheets, MLS® inputting, Internet inputting, assembling of listing packets, and other clerical functions. In addition, we have a support person who serves as “customer service” coordinator and bookkeeper.


It is interesting that the new “limited service” discount companies, when attempting to enter the real estate arena, identified these areas as windows of opportunity:

– Lower commissions
– Agents who specialize (listing agents, buyer’s agents)
– Customer service representatives and transaction coordinators
– Technology – Transaction management software

They identified that the traditional agents were weak in all these areas. We recognized this years ago and made the changes. The difference between them and Assist 2 Sell is that Assist 2 Sell is a FULL SERVICE brokerage and not “limited service.”

The Internet, while a powerful marketing tool (not unlike the MLS®), is not going to replace the necessary roles of the REALTOR®. Using technology makes our jobs easier. This allows us to provide better service and operate more efficiently—thus lower commissions for the consumers.

In an environment where many brokerages are looking for ways to raise fees, we are looking for ways to lower them. Even though traditional brokerages charge higher commissions, the average profit per transaction for a brokerage is only nominal.  This is why they continually strive to raise their fees.

The traditional model is inefficient. Sellers pay inflated fees to support this model. We have developed an efficient model and pass on the savings to sellers. This significant savings helps continue to drive the business in the door.  Providing savings is not enough. Even though our clients pay less, they still need, and demand, full service. And, of course, you need to get results.

On the average, our listings sell faster than traditional offices–generally about twice as fast.


We expose the properties to buyers using effective advertising. Instead of agents spending their money to promote themselves, as the broker, we spend the dollars to make sure buyers know our listings are for sale. Unlike traditional brokers, who rely heavily on the MLS®, we see MLS® as one of many marketing tools. Our exposure includes the Internet, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Brochure Boxes, and MLS®. Our agents spend no money on marketing. We do not promote our agents–no glamour shots–no sign inserts with their name and number.

Our office is open and staffed every day. Buyer’s agents do floor time and find it productive because our advertising makes the phone ring.


Because we charge lower fees, we are labeled as “discount” brokers. That’s okay. Discount is no longer a dirty word. What is frustrating is that traditional agents will misrepresent what we do. They tell sellers that since we charge less, we do less, when in fact, we do more.

Since opening August 1, 2001 we have sold thousands of homes and have saved metro home sellers over 16.4 Million dollars in commissions.

Team leader Michael Doyle has been licensed for over 30 years. He has personally participated in over 4000 real estate transactions in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The question you should ask is not how can we change so much less, but how does our competition justify charging so much more.