Interviewing Agents

Interviewing Agents?

If you are interviewing agents, it is important to understand what type of brokerage Agency Model they work under – Common Law or Designated Agency. It makes a big difference!

Designated Agency

In Designated Agency, the Agency relationship is solely with the designated agent and not the brokerage. That means that only that one agent is representing your interests. Although the office may have policy and procedures in place to train their agents, the services provided are based upon the ability and skills of only that one agent who lists the property. You may think that when you list with a large brokerage with hundreds of agents you get the help from all of them; sadly this is not the case. In fact, that agent cannot even discuss your property with other agents to brainstorm or be counselled by their broker regarding a specific property. With agency law and privacy, that is confidential information not to be shared. Do you really want to take that kind of risk?

Common Law Agency

In Common Law Agency, the Agency relationship is with the brokerage and not the single agent. That means that the whole brokerage works together to market and sell your home. Not only that, but the Broker is able to advise and counsel their agents with regard to any problems that arise or answer any questions that may surface that is perhaps out of a particular agents experience, at the time it happens. With the entire team working together you benefit from the skills, experience and knowledge of everyone.

Assist 2 Sell is a Common Law Agency – a small but mighty team! We truly do work together to represent our clients best interests at all times

Our Team Approach Works!

Way back in 2001 when Assist 2 Sell opened, the idea of a Team in Real Estate did not exist.  Assist 2 Sell recognized that by combining the power of a team, we were able to achieve incredible results!  It allowed our Agents to do what they do best – work directly with buyers and sellers providing Real Estate expertise and fully engage with the client.  Our Team leader Michael Doyle was able to work with each agent to counsel them and provide knowledge and support.  Our non-selling Broker was able to work with the agents on each transaction to ensure that each client received the care and attention they deserved. The back office (the administrators and licensed assistants), made up t the rest of the team and worked together to make sure that everything behind the scenes was done for the Agents and Clients to the greatest of detail. Showings booked and feedback sought after and delivered to our clients.  Feature Sheets, Brochures, Virtual Tours, YouTube videos were created with care – each person using their personal skills and strengths to add to the client experience so that Assist 2 Sell could assure that every client, on every transaction, received the best professional services possible.

Why our Team Works

We are always available!

Our phones are answered 7 days a week- the Assist 2 Sell team is always available to answer your calls. If a buyer inquiry comes into the office day or night a member of the team is ready to handle that inquiry.

We are an Experienced Team

Because we work together we mentor each other, and work together on every transaction.  Unlike the big designated brokerages where the level of experience, skill and service depends only upon experience of the single agent, the common law team approach means that everyone can brainstorm and work together to achieve our goals.  New agents are mentored with seasoned professionals to ensure unsurpassed level of care. Michael Doyle our team leaders has been licensed since 1983 and has participated in over 4000 real estate transactions in metro.

Our Unique Program Offers More Exposure which  results in more Sales!

Assist 2 Sell controls the marketing of all our properties. The power and resources of the entire company means greater exposure for your listings.  The greater the exposure of your listing means  more opportunity Assist 2 Sell has to attract qualified buyers for your property.

Our Team Approach means that Assist 2 Sell can assure our clients that they are receiving the best possible  professional services that achieve outstanding results!

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