Pre – Sale House Inspections


You never know if an expensive problem will arise when the buyer orders an inspection of your house. Any house, whether new or old, can, and probably has, flaws. A leaky roof or dripping faucet that you’ve put up with for years, may be part of a much bigger problem, and might cost thousands to fix. Furthermore, one of the main causes of a home sale transaction falling through is the discovery of an unanticipated problem, and the failure of the buyer and seller to agree on a remedy.

A buyer may want to back out of the deal when they discover problems from the property inspection. It is possible that they may not want to deal with having repair work done, or may just be frightened away by the discovery of serious problems with the house.

With a pre-sale home inspection, you the seller, are allowed control. The pre-sale home inspection offers you time to prepare to address any concerns the buyer may have about any problems with the house. Being aware of any potential problems also gives you the option of having the repair work done before selling the house, or revealing the problem to potential buyers, with estimates of cost and repairs. Being up-front and honest about any problems with the house, and providing buyers with a copy of the inspector’s report will show your credibility.

Get a well-known inspector with a good reputation, and encourage buyers to have their own inspection done. These two things can further enhance your credibility, and help make selling your home a little less uncertain.