Full Service With $avings!

Listing Choices with Assist 2 Sell

With our “Full Service with $avings!”® programs, Assist 2 Sell offers homeowners all of the services they might find at a “traditional” real estate company, but for a low, flat fee.

All Assist 2 Sell franchise offices are licensed, full-service discount rate real estate brokerages that take care of everything home sellers need from a real estate company but with the advantage and savings only a low commission real estate agent can offer. Assist 2 Sell will market your property on the MLS® and advertise your home on REALTOR.CA and all applicable social media sites.

Selling a home at a reduced commission with Assist 2 Sell can help homeowners sell their homes faster and at a substantial savings.

We discount our fees NOT our service! 

We work as a true TEAM to sell your home. The owners and agents work FULL TIME and are highly experienced. Our brokerage model takes away all the extra fluff – management salaries, extra support staff, large office space – all of it. We run an efficient office and everyone has a role in the service we provide. Because there is no upper management to be paid, no extra expensive costs to run our brokerage, we pass these savings on to YOU the consumer.

Assist 2 Sell Clients receive full service and there

are no upfront costs; all fees are paid after the house closes.

For each home that it lists, Assist-2-Sell  will:

  • All homes are placed on the MLS® and advertised on REALTOR.ca®.
  • Price the home accurately using the same techniques as appraisers.
  • Implement an aggressive marketing campaign that is targeted and aimed at reaching active home buyers directly.
  • Include it on Assist 2 Sell’s national Web site, as well as on the local Assist-2-Sell Web site.
  • These listings may include an unlimited number of photos ,detailed property and community information, and easy access to a “live” agent.
  • Advertise on applicable social media and real estate Web sites like Kijiji, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+
  • Post a “for sale” sign for the front of the home.
  • Create a listing flyer and brochure for your home
  • Keep the “for sale” sign’s flyer box full of flyers.
  • We create a Virtual Tour of your property
  • We create a YouTube video for your property
  • We market your property with a Single Property Website
  • We create online interactive flyers created to attract buyers
  • Take all phone calls.
  • Show the home to prospective home buyers.
  • Arrange for other agents to show the home.
  • Pre-qualify home buyers.
  • Help the home buyer obtain financing.
  • Negotiate the purchase agreement.
  • Write the sales contract.
  • Handle all paperwork.
  • Meet with appraisers.
  • Arrange for all inspection
  • Supervise the closing.

We do it all for a Low Flat Fee (paid at closing.)